Border Collie Kennels:

o Kennel Maliway, Denmark.
o Avoreen Kennels, Australia.
o Kennel Random, Sweden.
o Sheep Trix Kennel, Sweden.
o Peachy Keen Border Collies, America.
o BorderBell, Sweden.
o Borderton Kennels, Australia.
o Florinan Kennel, Finland.
o Border Collies In Action Homepage, Tulelake, California, USA.
Visit the Border Collie Mart. On 9 of October 1996 I found references to:
Highland Kennels, Dorris, California, USA.
Byrne's Border Collies, Tulelake, California, USA.
Circle Bar Livestock, Santa Maria, California, USA.

o Cyberpet's list of Border Collie Breeders.
On 9 of October 1996 I found references to:
Lacy's Border Collies, Richmond, Virginia, USA.
Border Collies in Action, Tulelake, California, USA.

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