DKCH Auldbrig Wild Blu Yonda, is a blue/white male born on 6 of March 1994. Yonda's great-grandfather is the father of the Border Collie litter in the movie 'Babe', which featured lots of Border Collies. At the show in Rønne on 7. Juli 1996 Yonda achieved the title of Danish Champion (DKCH), as the first blue/white Border Collie in the world. His greatest passion is herding sheep. Watch him giving 'the eye of control' in these pictures.

Pedigree of DKCH, Auldbrig Wild Blu Yonda "Yonda"
Yarrancoly Givem Th Boot AUSCH Beechwood Boots Nall AUSCH Induru Benjamin Boots
Crestvale Enchentress
AUSCH Borderheath Maudie AUSCH Shermyst Sonofa Tart
Finestyle Fancy Nancy
AUSCH Auldbrig Blue Mystique AUSCH Maghera Pretender AUSCH Rullion Gambit
Maghera Fantasy
AUSCH Auldbrig Loch Katrine NZCH Lochhamish of Clan Abby
AUSCH Werridale Linnedin

Owner Breeder
Kennel BorderShock
Pernille Westh
Hvidemosevej 38
4070 Kr. Hyllinge
Phone (+45) 46404839
Mrs. R. Tapp

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