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Aya - Hi, I'm Aya, short for Aviaya, which means 'little girl' in Greenlandic, which fits me right, beeing the smallest girl in the litter, and this is how my daddy found me when we first met (I'm the one in the middle).

Yonda - This is my dog father Yonda, isn't he just the best looking Border Collie you've ever seen? - Wanna see more ?

Home - When we arrived at my new home, I checked everything out very carefully, and then I took a little nap in the grass. After all, I had been travelling several hours by car and ship that day, so I was a little tired. And of cause I had to lie there a bit, to give my new dad time to sit and adore me. And don't you worry, I haven't slept during daytime since that day...
- after all I am a Border Collie!

Trine - The next day I met my best dog friend called 'Trine'. Look how I'm in control of the whole situation. I'm not big enough yet, to run around them and herd them, so I used this trick to get their attention.

The Beach - My dad took me to a place with lots of interresting smells, stones, sand, water and sticks - The Beach - what a GREAT place, my favorite.

The Water - For some reason the sticks have a habbit of falling just by the edge of the water, so I often get my paws wet and now I also enjoy walking into the water even though there are no sticks. But I haven't been out swimming yet, dad says we can do that in the summer (he doesn't like cold water).

Why? Now why are you calling me again? I was just investigating these plants and the sand is fun digging in, and what is that thing you hold up at your eye, pointing at me? well okay - I'll send you a nice look - after all, I enjoy watching you too.

You can also see me as 1 year old , with my pedigree.

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